Storage Tips

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Unit Lighting – Not all units will have built-in lighting options. These lights are long lasting and have 1000LM, that’s bright! Depending on the size of your unit, or if you have multiple, you might need more than one lantern. Don’t forget batteries!

Unit Shelving – LPSS does not allow ANY modifications to units. That means no drilling, screwing or gluing anything to our walls, ceilings or floors.  Here are some handy shelving options. The best thing about shelves… they’re useful wherever you end up, even after you move out of your unit!

Stationary Shelf

Rolling Shelf

Heavy-Duty Shelf

Unit Climate – It’s no secret, Pacifica’s climate is damp!  We recommend hanging options, as they are less likely to tip-over and spill. Use small silica packets in your bins to keep them fresh!

Fun fact – You can put the silica packets in an air-tight container with a water-damaged device to help bring it back to life!

Name Brand (3-Pack)

Off-Brand Option (10-pack)

Unit Organization – We recommend only using plastic bins. Cardboard absorbs moisture and does not age well.  Buying bins at Home Depot or Walmart is most cost effective. Here are our recommendations.

22″ L x 16.5″ W x 13.03″ H

26.8”D x 17.9”W x 12.4”H

30.5″L x 20.125″W x 14.25″H

Keep bins closed when you’re traveling

Bin Size/Type Practical Use Examples:

Black and Yellow 17gal bin – I have 1 bin for each bicycle I have.  Each bin is labeled and has all the component boxes, back-up parts and care materials. This ranges from pedals, spare parts, misc gear, and tools I need for each bicycle. It is really easy to find and grab exactly what I need because it is in ONE place.  Helmets and other similar sized things would fit in here.  I like this bin because I can throw it around without worrying that it will crack.  I don’t keep the things organized inside so I don’t mind that I can’t see through it!

Black and Yellow 27gal bin – My boyfriend and I each have one of these for our ski gear.  I can fit my boots, helmet, avalanche gear and backpack, base and shell layers in this bin. When a storm hits, I can grab this bin, my skis and be out the door SO FAST!  Again, I have no problem throwing this bin in the back of my truck and going, it is durable and big enough to fit all my essentials.  If you are traveling with these bins (especially in weather) you should get silicone zip ties to keep moisture out of your bin!

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